What is the process of issuing your tradable product or strategy with FlexFunds?

News & Insights - December 22, 2020

At FlexFunds we offer a turnkey solution to Issue or list your tradable product in 4 simple steps, this will quickly allow you to start the global distribution of your strategy.

What are the key steps to launch the product:

1) An Initial Consultation: Set up a consultation with one of our highly qualified Relationship Managers. Here we will determine the best solution or vehicle for your strategy and asset class.

2) Product and Strategy Design: This is the most creative part of the process in which the strategy as well as terms and conditions are defined. We make sure the product is built according to the highest industry standards and is attractive to potential investors in the market.

3) Onboarding process: Once we have a clear plan we enter into a formal engagement and start the onboarding process of the portfolio manager or sponsor of the vehicle.

4) Listing and Issuance: Once the Series Memorandum or Prospectus is ready and we have the approval of all of the service providers involved in the structure the product goes live and it is ready for the first trade. Please contact us to start designing your product.