What does FlexFunds do?

News & Insights - September 8, 2020

Alex Contreras explains what the inner workings of our best-in-class securitization program.

FlexFunds sets up independent investment vehicles similar to funds, for strategy management and global distribution to non-U.S. end-investors. This is done through an asset securitization program that creates exchange traded products or what we call, a Flex. These services include exchange listing, fund accounting, back office services, NAV calculation, and corporate administration services. The main goal is to ease the reach of global investors. 

The strategies are launched through a flex or exchange-traded product, in the form of a note, that represent or are linked to the value of an underlying asset or securities portfolio. Most of the strategies launched at FlexFunds have liquid and tradable underlying assets.

FlexFunds partners with asset managers worldwide to provide administration services for exchange traded products. 

It is important to mention that FlexFunds does not manage assets,  and doesn’t provide investment, legal, accounting or tax advice. FlexFunds helps create and maintain such vehicles on behalf of its clients or portfolio managers.