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Leverage Shares (leverageshares.com), an innovative sponsor of physically-backed ETPs, has launched 28 new ETPs based on heavily traded US stocks – expanding their product range to 40.

The ETPs present daily leveraged and inverse exposures of 2x, 3x & -1x, bringing to investors of all stripes techniques once reserved for professional fund managers. These novel ETPs can be used to make high conviction trades or hedge positions in a variety of equities ranging from tech giants, such as AppleMicrosoft and Google, to consumer discretionary blockbusters like NetflixAmazon and Tesla.

Oktay Kavrak, Institutional Sales at Leverage Shares explains that “Leverage Shares is the only provider of physically-backed short and leveraged ETPs and does away with the credit risk found in competing products. Given the heightened interest in short & leveraged offerings in the current volatile environment, we are proud to offer a safer alternative to trading CFDs or buying on margin.”

Oktay added “Our products are meant for experienced investors to capitalize on opportunities in both directions. These include short term tactics like magnifying intraday moves and reacting to the news, while also catering to longer-term strategies like managing risk through hedging.”

Holders of the ETPs incur no margin calls or stamp duty, just a competitive TER of 75bps and market standard margin rates plus returns on the cash collateral.

Lida Eslami, Head of Business Development, ETP and IOB, London Stock Exchange, commented: “We are delighted to welcome Leverage Shares’ products on London Stock Exchange. Our markets continue to offer investors a wide range of innovative products, providing choice and diversification for their portfolios. The listing of the Leverage Shares short & leveraged ETPs based on leading US stocks is a first in Europe.”

All 40 of the ETPs are available on the London Stock Exchange in USD, GBx and EUR.

Additional information is available at leverageshares.com and investors can explore how Leverage Shares ETPs work on our YouTube channel.

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