FlexFunds is a leading provider in setting up and launching investment vehicles backed by internationally renowned institutions for asset managers, such as Interactive Brokers, Bank of New York Mellon, and Apex.

With more than 250 ETPs issued and 200 clients worldwide, FlexFunds is an efficient, agile, and flexible alternative to any other structure for repackaging assets, such as traditional investment funds, AMCs, UCITs, or SICAVs, among others.

We make issuing investment vehicles (ETPs), corporate administration services, and fund accounting simple for our clients. Our financial experts have over 30 years of experience in setting and launching investment vehicles; we offer tailor-made solutions for each client, considering their specific needs.

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    Why choose FlexFunds?

    Save time

    With FlexFunds, you can reduce the issuance time of your investment vehicle (ETP); in approximately 6 weeks, you could launch it to the market.

    Administrative efficiency

    The maintenance costs of your ETP are less than half that of other investment vehicles on the market.

    Flexibility in portfolio composition

    Our ETPs securitize liquid and illiquid assets.

    Bankability: Facilitate global distribution

    Facilitates access to global custody and trading platforms, providing greater reach and opportunity than other investment vehicles.

    Who are our customers?

    • Hedge Funds & Broker Dealers

    • Investment Advisors

    • Portfolio Managers

    • Family Office

    • Other financial professionals

    Know our products

    Unregulated investment vehicle (ETP) that securitize listed assets within an Interactive Brokers or Bank New York Mellon custody account.

    An Unregulated investment vehicle that securitizes alternative assets and existing fund shares.

    An Irish issuer (SPV) is created to be used exclusively by a client.