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Flex Private Program: an efficient solution for the real estate industry

The design of our Flex Private Program allows structuring and distributing investment strategies in a simple, efficient, and scalable way. This FlexFunds solution enables developers, managers, and real estate funds to transform illiquid assets into transferable securities with greater liquidity and more accessible trading.

Our success stories include companies such as CIX Capital, Black Salmon, and Participant Capital: leading real estate companies that have raised close to USD 150 million in capital through investment vehicles provided by FlexFunds.

What is the Flex Private Program?

The program offers an Irish Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for exclusive use; in other words, you, as the arranging company, can set up Exchange Traded-Products (ETPs) through an asset securitization process.

The asset securitization process begins when the originator company of the securities transfers its illiquid assets to a third party, in this case, the aforementioned special purpose vehicle created for this purpose.

The asset securitization process allows the issuance of ETPs through the special purpose vehicle (SPV), creating a listed security with its own ISIN/CUSIP.  The objective is to convert the primary assets into securities with a higher distribution capacity. In this way, the originator company will be able to facilitate the raising of capital for its real estate project, fund, or investment strategy.

Financial flows are significantly accelerated, bringing real solutions to real estate funds.


What are the features and benefits of the Flex Private Program?

Some of the advantages of our Flex Private Program are:

  1. Set up your own Irish Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for exclusive use for your real estate projects.
  2. Offer equity, and debt-based investment instruments for your projects through a Euroclear listed security.
  3. Enhance the distribution of an existing real estate fund.
  4. Price distribution through Bloomberg and other worldwide leading price disseminators such as Reuters and Six Financial.
  5. Facilitate access to global private banking, financial advisors, and broker-dealers through their investment platforms and custodians.

In principle, creating a convenient and isolated structure allows the company’s balance sheet to remain unaffected by the issuances, avoiding a distortion that would mislead investors and financial institutions when analyzing the company’s capital structure.

A trust-like entity is set up through a sophisticated mechanism to give birth to investment vehicles (ETPs) in an efficiently and only in 12 weeks.

What benefits do our investment vehicles provide?

With our Flex Private Program, the investment vehicles setup takes on the structure of an ETP (Exchange Traded-Product), which currently represents one of the most successful solutions for launching small and medium-sized private equity, real estate funds, and hedge funds.

Funds between USD 20 and 200 million may not be able to access global banks easily. However, they are too large for local banks; this is one of the reasons why the ETPs market is booming.

Moreover, this type of investment vehicle allows the strategy to be customized thanks to its flexibility applicable to a wide range of financial assets.

Capital raising occurs through the placement of listed notes without the need to manage vendors independently because internationally renowned service providers back our program. An Eurocleable financial security is put into circulation, providing the investment vehicles with the appropriate infrastructure to achieve standardization, market transparency, and international reach.

In summary, the advantages of ETPs combined with our experience and ability to achieve maximum operational efficiency result in a reduction of administrative burdens compared to other investment vehicles in the market. If your company has a real estate fund or project over USD 20 Million, our solutions can be helpful to you. Please get in touch with one of our representatives, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our Flex Private Program. Since this type of product has an excellent capacity for customization, we will help you choose the formula that best suits your needs.

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