How to Invest

Investors have multiple options to buy ETPs administered by FlexFunds
Consult your Investment Advisor
Via your broker on the Vienna Stock Exchange
Institutional Investors can also buy and sell in the primary market via GWM Ltd.
GWM Ltd is an investment company regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority
How does a Global Note Program work?
Learn more about our best-in-class program in the following short video
Existing Programs
FlexFunds is the administrator of the following programs. More information on individual products can be found in the issuers’ websites.
FlexFunds Structure
As Program coordinator FlexFunds collaborates with different agents to launch these vehicles, each party is responsible for the duties it must carry out, including the directors of the Issuer and their legal counsel. FlexFunds is not responsible for the performance of the different agents of the structure. Investors should review the agency agreements with each party prior to investing.