How is the FlexPortfolio a more efficient alternative than Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs)?

News & Insights - November 15, 2021

The FlexPortfolio solution is a worldwide reference in the market for asset managers looking for a fast, cost-efficient investment structure to launch their liquid strategies, especially when comparing to other vehicles such as the Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs).

Let’s explore some of the main attributes that the FlexPortfolio Solution offers when put side by side with the AMCs offerings:

  • The FlexPortfolio offers broad flexibility in the underlying tradable assets
  • There are few to no restrictions regarding rebalancing or trading in the underlying account of the FlexPortfolio. The manager performs all the trades directly in the execution account without third parties involved
  • The FlexPortfolio allows direct access to the trading and execution account 24/7, independently of your time zone
  • No issuer’s risk because of segregation for the issued notes or products
  • Leverage is typically available for many strategies


  • No set up or ongoing monthly costs, making it very efficient to launch and maintain.

Check out FlexFunds’ FlexPortfolio alternative when considering an AMC or any other investment vehicle. At FlexFunds, we always recommend comparing which one may better fit your needs and strategy.