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Top 10 fintech solution providers in Latin America

Financial Services Review’s top 10 Latin America’s best fintech solution providers.

Since the fintech industry, which merges finance with technology, is growing by leaps and bounds in Latin America (it grew from USD 44 million to USD 2.1 billion in the last decade), it is essential to mention the participants that are collaborating with this fantastic development.

In this context, the prestigious magazine Financial Services Review ranked the top ten most important fintech solution providers in Latin America.

According to this medium, the new edition emphasizes the key developments in the fintech space in the region and how financial companies are using the latest technologies and market expertise to streamline and facilitate the adoption of financial services on a large scale.

The 10 most relevant fintech solution providers


Bantotal offers an on-premise and SaaS-based banking platform to enable banks and financial institutions to manage all their operations while abiding by the regulations efficiently.


FlexFunds is globally recognized as a best-in-class service provider for the issuance and administration of securitized assets.

ICGS Systems

ICGS Systems offers specialized technological solutions that enable financial companies to manage their investments.


Prosystem – a specialist in fintech software- is solving these challenges for growing organizations across Chile by equipping them with scalable financial administration solutions optimized per the nation’s language, processes, and regulatory policies.


MAPS Financial practices are delivering valuable solutions to its customers through innovative solutions, technical capability, and knowledge.


Mercap Unitrade is a solution for the banking market that includes the money desk, securities, exchanges, treasury, and custody businesses.


Poincenot is a fintech solution to develop digital business.

Shareppy International

Shareppy International is a software development company specialized in the financial sector, focused on the credit cooperatives and banking market.


Sinqia is a company that designs and develops software and technology services for the Brazilian financial sector.

Team Quality

Team Quality is a company that provides technology and knowledge solutions in Latin America.

FlexFunds, one of the most relevant providers

For its structuring services of exchange-listed products (ETPs) through its asset securitization program, FlexFunds has been recognized to be one of the pioneers in this field in Latin America, which caught the attention of Financial Services Review.

“Not long ago, only a few large banks had the ability to structure a global note through an asset securitization program,” said Emilio Veiga Gil, EVP, and CMO of FlexFunds. “We have disrupted the status quo by democratizing access to efficient investment vehicles,” he added.

FlexFunds also acts as a net asset value (NAV) calculation agent for its clients and provides the ETP with a unique ISIN code that can be consulted on any financial information platform such as Bloomberg and Reuters among others. The final product, already listed on the stock exchange, is distributed via Euroclear and can be purchased from investors’ brokerage accounts.

Thanks to its services, large asset managers such as LifeInvest, with more than 25 years of expertise and more than 200 clients in Latin America, have enjoyed the benefits of asset securitization. In this case, the company issued three ETPs with FlexFunds, which allowed it to create a centralized management structure with global custody for half the cost of traditional investment funds.

On the alternative asset management industry, Participant Capital, a registered investment advisor, and Royal Palm Companies financial arm (real estate developer with more than 50 years of experience), selected FlexFunds’ solutions to globalize and simplify access to its investment strategies.

“FlexFunds was founded in 2011 with the mission to provide unique and innovative solutions that facilitate the distribution and growth of investment products for asset managers,” says Veiga Gil.

He concluded, “The aim is to continue on this path and keep growing as a best-in-class service provider for the administration of securitized assets.”

In this way, FlexFunds continues to grow and be recognized by the most important specialized media, reflecting its leadership in the field of asset securitization through cost-efficient investment vehicles.


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