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What does FlexFunds do?

FlexFunds creates and launches independent investment vehicles through an asset securitization program, which designs fund-like listed products (ETPs), facilitating strategy management and global distribution to non-U.S. end-investors.

Our purpose is to provide your projects with an efficient structure with the ability to raise capital. We offer you an innovative solution completely adapted to your needs.

How does the FlexFunds program work?

The FlexFunds program aims to transform your asset portfolio into a liquid and flexible investment vehicle; to facilitate its distribution to investors.

To this end, FlexFunds coordinates the asset securitization process in a fast and efficient manner, handling all phases of the process from start to finish, providing a turnkey solution for our clients.

FlexFunds’ asset repackaging program offers flexibility: the assets to be securitized can be disparate. In addition, the investment vehicle is customized: it responds to specific needs and has a design fully adapted to each client profile.

FlexFunds is backed by internationally renowned service providers: Intertrust, Interactive Brokers, Bank of New York Mellon, and Apex, among others. It allows us to provide you with quality, cost-efficient, and customized ETPs; accompanied by a comprehensive service, including:

  • Stock exchange listing.
  • Fund accounting.
  • Back-office services.
  • Net Asset Value (NAV) calculation.
  • Corporate administration services.

Thanks to our scale agreements, we can offer solutions to clients with a small volume of assets.

Even if you have a US$ 1 million project, you can contact FlexFunds.

Issuing your customized investment vehicle is highly agile and can take 6 to 8 weeks to complete.

How is the investment vehicle created by FlexFunds?

Securitizing assets results in the creation of listed securities, called ETPs (Exchange Traded Products). We call it a “Flex,” given the characteristics of our product (the name of your ETP is customizable).

In themselves, our ETPs (Flex) are in the form of structured notes and are backed by the underlying asset portfolio. Therefore, the listed securities are linked only to the underlying assets on which they are issued without affecting the rest of your business operations.

You obtain a cost-efficient structure for developing your investment strategies in your best interests. The benefits for investors consist of easier onboarding and thus more straightforward access to your investment strategy.

Our Flex products are Euroclearable. They thus allow for global trading.

What are the advantages of ETPs?

ETPs combine the advantages of transparency and liquidity of listed products (such as stocks) with the management and risk profile of mutual funds:

  • They repack an investment strategy into an investment vehicle that is easy to access and international in scope.
  • They offer flexibility in the types of underlying assets.
  • They allow the grouping of different assets in a portfolio.
  • The creation and issuance process is fast and cost-efficient.
  • They provide liquidity to certain illiquid assets (e.g., real estate).
  • Facilitate the ability to raise capital.
  • They provide scalability to the investment strategy.
  • Diversify funding sources.
  • Have low administrative costs.
  • The investment strategy can start as low as USD 1 million.

To Whom is the FlexFunds program useful?

If you manage or are thinking of launching a private equity fund, a real estate fund  or a hedge fund, ETPs are an efficient product to structure and repack your strategy.

You can contact FlexFunds’ specialist staff, and we will provide you with the most appropriate solution for your needs. If you have assets that can generate positive cash flows but need to increase liquidity, raise capital, or any other situation, an asset securitization process may be helpful. It is worth mentioning that FlexFunds does not manage assets or provide legal, accounting, tax, or investment advice.

Our role is limited to creating and maintaining ETPs on behalf of our clients or portfolio managers.

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Welcome to FlexFunds

We provide our services under the Global Note Programs through several entities that perform different activities. Among these entities are FlexFunds ETP LLC which acts as Calculation Agent, and FlexFunds Ltd, which acts as the Program Coordinator. Before making a decision to invest in the Global Note Programs, you should consider the following:

  1. Independent entities. FlexFunds ETP and FlexFunds Ltd. are not managers of the special purpose vehicles, collectively, responsible for the issuance of Notes under the Global Note Programs.
  2. Coordinated Activities. FlexFunds ETP and FlexFunds Ltd act as coordinators of the different entities participating in the Global Note Programs. However, each of the entities is responsible for its own duties and activities in the process.
  3. Not Broker-Dealer or Investment Adviser. Neither FlexFunds ETP nor FlexFunds Ltd. is a U.S. registered broker-dealer or an investment adviser registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Our entities do not raise capital for clients or the Issuers. We do not solicit any specific products, nor offer investment advice or make investment recommendations, nor do we offer tax, legal, financial advice or otherwise.

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