Flex Portfolio

FlexPortfolio provides a simplified turn key solution for investment advisors to create their own exchange traded product. FlexFunds will take care of all the details in between of launch and administration.

Flex Portfolio Products
Unregulated Exchange Traded Product secured by liquid assets.
Unregulated Exchange Traded Product secured by alternative assets.
Regulated Exchange Traded Product by the Central Bank of Ireland secured by liquid assets.
Unregulated Exchange Traded Product secured by liquid assets in any custodian account.
Product Summary
regulated portfolio
open portfolio
Regulated NO, Private Placement YES, Central Bank of Ireland NO, Private Placement NO, Private Placement
Target Market Credited & Institutional Retail Credited & Institutional Credited & Institutional
Assets Liquid Only Retail and Credited Investors Illiquid Assets:Private Equity, Real Estate Funds, Hedge Funds Liquid Only
Minimum Investment 100,000 Euros 20USD 100,000 Euros 100,000 Euros
Currencies USD, Eur, GBP, MXN USD, Eur, GBP, MXN USD, Eur, GBP, MXN USD, Eur, GBP, MXN
Custodian Interactive Brokers & Bank of New York Interactive Brokers NA Private assets Your choice
Cost $ $$$ $$ $$
Time to market 8 weeks 12 weeks 12 weeks 12 weeks
Liquidity Daily Liquidity provided by issuer
Intraday liquidity provided by the designated Market Maker. Review the series memorandum for additional information.
Only exchange traded, no liquidity provided by the issuer
Issuer does not provide liquidity on ETPs secured by illiquid assets. Investors will only be able to sell the notes in the secondary market. Investors should review the risk disclosures in the series memorandum prior to investing.
Daily Liquidity provided by issuer
Exchange Vienna Stock Exchange Euronext Vienna Stock Exchange Vienna Stock Exchange
Market Maker NO YES NO NO
Alternatives to Flex Portfolio
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Characteristics UCITS Structure Products Private Funds FlexFunds
Available to brokers Not always YES YES YES
Flexibility on underlying assets NO NO YES
Not all underlying assets are eligible to be invested in a FlexFunds manage program.
Investment Restrictions YES YES NO NO
Cost $$$$ $ $$ $
Credit risk NO YES NO NO
Listed Sometimes NO NO YES
Retails Eligible YES Sometimes NO
YES, regulated program
Retail is only eligible for regulated products approved by the Central Bank of Ireland. Restrictions apply for retail investors. Selling restrictions are described in the series memorandum.
Time to market Slow Fast Slow Fast
Actively Manage YES NO YES YES
Euroclear Eligible Sometimes YES NO YES
Understanding FlexPortfolio
FlexPortfolio exchange traded products structure
Issuance Process
Design your strategy
Select the solution that best fits your strategy
Sign engagement letter
Set the terms and request an issuance date
Due Diligence
Restrictions apply. Not all managers or products are eligible
Series Setup
FlexFunds works with its providers to complete the set up process
Live Date
On the issuance date, Investors participate through Euroclear