Flex FinTech

Give your clients easy access to the financial equity markets from their own mobile phone with a trading platform under your brand.

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Easy to Set Up
Easy to Set Up
Personalize the platform with your logo and colors and offer your clients your own branded platform quickly and with no development headaches.
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Investment Solution

Simplify client investing journeys by integrating our investing app to your business. Our mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android. It includes onboarding, market monitoring options, investment exploration pathways, investment tracking, real-time transactions, watchlists, deposits and withdrawals, history and account reports, alerts, a fully customizable module appearance, and mobile security.

Flex FinTech Investment Solution
Flex FinTech Banking Solution
Banking Solution

Your customers can say ‘goodbye’ to financial barriers. Compatible with iOS and Android, our banking solution comes with configurable modules for client onboarding, multiple funding options, deposits and withdrawals, balances, send and receive money transactions, FX transactions, physical and virtual debit card issuance, debit card management, budgeting, alerts, and mobile security.

Private Placement Real Estate Solution

Allow investors to invest in single project or portfolios depending on your strategy. We provide you with a white label mobile app ready to use, compatible with iOS and Android. It includes onboarding, project exploration, important document location, portfolio management and market values, alerts, and mobile security.

Flex FinTech Private Placement Real Estate Solution
User friendly back-end control panel
  • Onboarding
  • KYC
  • Documents and reports
  • Logs & Auditing
  • Risk Profile
  • AML processes
  • Reports and alerts
Money Management
Money Management
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Internal Transfers
  • FX transactions
  • Balances
  • Reports and alerts
  • Real-time transactions
  • Order management
  • Fractional shares
  • Order Types
  • Order Fees
  • Assets inventory and management
  • Reports and alerts
  • Fully configurable interest rates, multiplier, collateral, and loan limits.
  • Reports and alerts
  • Single compliant connection to a variety of payment solutions
  • Virtual bank account aggregation
  • Processing and recording money deposits and cash withdrawal
  • Currency exchanges
  • Debit card issuance
  • Reports and alerts
System Settings
System Settings
  • Users management
  • Email alerts
  • Instruments and symbols setup
  • Activate or deactivate platform features
  • Webhooks and providers integration
Save time and money with our turnkey platform
Brand it with your logo, colors, and features. You set your fees for all types of transactions. Plug-and-play go to market solutions only requires light setup. All components are real-time data and iOS/Android compatible.
Target MarketRetail, Credited & Institutional
CurrenciesAcceptance of all Currencies
Available to brokers
Real time data
Analyst Ratings
Access to global markets
Fractional shares
* Does not include operating licenses. Platform only.