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Most innovative alternative asset management solutions
- Latam 2022 -

Live Roadshows

At FlexFunds, our financial experts conduct exclusive international roadshows visiting several key markets.

Our solutions cater to asset and portfolio managers, investment advisors, broker-dealers, fund managers, and other financial sector professionals.

Hand in hand with the best professionals

Our financial experts have over 30 years of experience in setting up and launching investment vehicles (ETPs).

How do you schedule a meeting?


1. Select the city of your convenience.


2. Request a meeting


3. Our team will contact you to coordinate.

Why choose FlexFunds?

Our solutions will allow you to have an investment vehicle (ETP) to set up your strategy in record time and in a cost-efficient way. Our ETPs facilitate raising international capital for your investment project, providing access to multiple private banking platforms, and improving your distribution capacity.

Learn how to set up and issue ETPs in the half the time and cost of other market alternatives with FlexFunds.

With more than 250 ETPs issued and 200 clients worldwide, FlexFunds is a leading provider in setting up and launching investment vehicles (ETPs). A more efficient, agile, and flexible alternative than any other structure to repackage assets such as traditional investment funds, AMCs, UCITs, SICAVs, among others.


Save time

With FlexFunds, you will be able to reduce the issuance time of your investment vehicle (ETP); in approximately 6 weeks you will be able to launch it to the market.

Administrative efficiency

The maintenance costs of your ETP are less than half that of other investment vehicles on the market.

Flexibility in portfolio composition

Our ETPs securitize liquid and illiquid assets

Bankability: Facilitate global distribution

Direct access to global custody and trading platforms, providing greater reach and opportunity than other investment vehicles.

Who is the target audience?

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Hedge Funds & Broker Dealers

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Investment Advisors

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Portfolio Managers

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Family Offices

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Other financial professionals

Know our products

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FlexPortfolio offers simplified turnkey solutions to set up your own investment vehicle (ETP). FlexFunds will handle all the details of the issuance and administration processes.

FlexPortfolio is a non-regulated investment vehicle that securitizes listed assets within an Interactive Brokers or Bank New York Mellon custody account.

FlexFunds issues ETPs in the market within 6 to 8 weeks. FlexFunds’ ETPs will enable you to have a unique ISIN code distributable through Euroclear.

ff feeder

An Unregulated investment vehicle that securitizes alternative assets and existing fund shares.

FlexFeeder is an ETP that securitizes illiquid assets, such as private equity funds, real estate investment funds, or hedge funds.

FlexFunds will allow you to launch this ETP to the market in as short as 8 weeks.

ff private
Provides large customers with the administration of their bespoke issuer of investment vehicles (ETPs), allowing for increased flexibility and customization.This solution is designed for:

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Welcome to FlexFunds

We provide our services under the Global Note Programs through several entities that perform different activities. Among these entities are FlexFunds ETP LLC which acts as Calculation Agent, and FlexFunds Ltd, which acts as the Program Coordinator. Before making a decision to invest in the Global Note Programs, you should consider the following:

  1. Independent entities. FlexFunds ETP and FlexFunds Ltd. are not managers of the special purpose vehicles, collectively, responsible for the issuance of Notes under the Global Note Programs.
  2. Coordinated Activities. FlexFunds ETP and FlexFunds Ltd act as coordinators of the different entities participating in the Global Note Programs. However, each of the entities is responsible for its own duties and activities in the process.
  3. Not Broker-Dealer or Investment Adviser. Neither FlexFunds ETP nor FlexFunds Ltd. is a U.S. registered broker-dealer or an investment adviser registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Our entities do not raise capital for clients or the Issuers. We do not solicit any specific products, nor offer investment advice or make investment recommendations, nor do we offer tax, legal, financial advice or otherwise.

FlexFunds ETP may collect data about your computer or device, including, where available, your IP address, operating system and browser type, for system administration and other similar purposes.