Global Youth Development Projects

Global Youth Development Projects

Project Nourishment

We dedicate part of our resources to alleviate the worst problem that the Venezuelan infant population is facing: hunger. We take a group of 90-100 kids (the number varies because assistance in the Vicaria is not infallible) and we provide at least one daily meal to each of the children that assist.



Project Bakery

FlexFunds purchased an industrial oven and provides a component of wheat flour monthly to the Vicaria so that the children learn to make bread with adult supervision and guidance. This project promotes sustainability, between 30 and 40 kids have already learned to make bread from scratch, have received weekly classes from a master baker that travels to the Vicaria and with the materials they are given, they can sell the bread at a solid price in the surrounding areas.


FlexFunds Charities in Venezuela

Project Agriculture

FlexFunds is starting to provide the Vicaria with seeds to plant in their unoccupied land to cultivate crops. Aji, beans, limes, rice and mango. At the moment this project is in the planning stages as we are still organizing the fields, working out final details and locating an agronomist to make sure this project is sustainable and long lasting.


Project Agriculture - FlexFunds Charities in Venezuela

Project Handicrafts

FlexFunds has donated materials to the Vicaria including canvas, paint and paint brushes so the kids can get involved in the arts and have a fun way to spend their time.


Project Handicrafts

Project Infrastructure

We are conditioning and bettering the infrastructure of the internal classrooms so they are in their optimal state and the smaller children can be cared for and educated in them. The initial conditions were not the best; they needed new paint, lightbulbs, cleaning, etc.

Project Infrastructure - FlexFunds Charities in Venezuela