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With over $2.5 billion in total funded amount and presence across the Americas, Asia, and Europe, FlexFunds is a recognized leader in providing versatile investment vehicles for financial institutions, asset managers, and hedge funds

FlexFunds by the numbers

Founded in 2011, FlexFunds is an ever-growing company formed by a team of capital markets and private equity veterans



total funded in more than


currently ranging




in funding amounts


offices around the world


countries with securitized assets

Our Solutions

Exchange traded products that provide a simple and cost-efficient solution for investment management and distribution

FlexFunds FlexIBPortfolio

Securitizes a portfolio of publicly traded assets through an Interactive Brokers account

FlexFunds FlexFeeder

Securitizes a private participation of an existing hedge fund

FlexFunds FlexPortfolio

Securitizes a portfolio of publicly traded assets

FlexFunds FlexPrivateProgram

Creates an exclusive issuer for a client

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What can securitization do for you?

Learn about some of the most prominent benefits of our best-in-class securitization program

FlexFunds Custom Opportunities
Package Custom Opportunities

We provide custom investment vehicles that are efficient and cost effective.

FlexFunds Reach Worldwide Investors
Reach Worldwide Investors

Our programs allow securities to be easily distributed to investors globally.

FlexFunds Integrated Product Administration
Integrated Product Administration

We are supported by worldwide trusted financial and legal institutions.

Creating solutions alongside

FlexFunds works along some of the most respected financial institutions to provide efficient, distributable and cost-effective vehicles for your customized strategies

Issuing Agent & Principal Paying Agent
Issuing & Principal Paying Agent
Bank of New York Mellon & Citibank
The Agent registers the security with ISIN in Euroclear and matches the Investor’s funds with the issued securities.
FlexFunds Exchanges Partner
Vienna stock exchange
Wiener Börse AG is a well established European exchange, offering a diverse range of securities’ products and services.
FlexFunds Depository
Euroclear & Clearstream
The world’s leading providers of domestic and cross-border settlement and related services for certain securities.
FlexFunds Auditor
The auditor reviews the entire FlexETP program on an annual basis, ensuring that each FlexETP Series is backed by the stated underlying assets.
FlexFunds Trustee
Intertrust Group & TMF Group
The trustee’s fiduciary duties are mainly focused on maintaining and protecting the interest of FlexETP investors.
FlexFunds Price Distribution
Price Distribution
Reuters, Bloomberg & Six Financial
Three of the largest price disseminators in the world distribute the pricing for the FlexETP Notes to the investors’ custodial accounts.